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Bio of Robert Koppel

"In his latest book, Investing and the Irrational Mind, Koppel marshals an impressive array of evidence from the latest research that few investors have heard of, much less know how to use to their advantage."
---Ming Hsu, Director, Neuroeconomics Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley

Robert Koppel is the author of critically acclaimed books on investor psychology and money issues, including The Inner Game of Trading and Money Talks: Candid Conversations about Wealth in America, who speaks regularly at financial conferences and strategic forums. His books have been widely featured in the media and translated into many languages. He is a former member of the CME, a hedge fund partner, and president of his own division of Rand Financial. Koppel was the senior business writer for His work has been cited in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading financial publications. Koppel has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and National Public Radio. He lives in Chicago.

Investing and the Irrational Mind seamlessly weaves psychological research with universal investment practices and real life stories to help explain the psychological barriers to making good investment decisions and more importantly how to overcome them.  Koppel shows the dangers of our own habit-driven behavior, biases, and heuristics, and how they lead us to violate our own investment axioms.  Understanding how our minds can either help or hurt our investment decision making process is the first step to avoiding these psychological pitfalls.
---Alexander Abell, Director, BlackRock Inc.